Kaki Room

AGES 0 - 2 Years

Our Kaki Room is for infants and children from 0 to around 2 years of age.

The tamariki enjoy a safe and nurturing environment where they build strong relationships with their caregivers, which allows them to learn and develop at their own pace. The Kaki team believe in the RIE philosophy where each infant is trusted to be an initiator and an explorer; eager to learn what he or she is ready for. The emphasis is on respectful practice and this is demonstrated in every interaction. Child to teacher ratios are kept low to allow maximum one on one time and encourage children to form secure, trusting relationships with their caregivers.


The Tui Group

AGES 2-3 Years

Our Tui group is for children of (approximately) 2 – 3 years of age. We recognise the huge amount of physical and cognitive development that occurs in this age group, and provide a dedicated group with specialised care and a targeted curriculum.

The teaching and learning programme in the Tui group centres around:

Developing relationships – being able to play and learn with and alongside others.

Communication – developing the tools needed to communicate in a variety of contexts.

Exploration – developing curiosity and making discoveries.

Independence – learning to take responsibility for self and others.

Respect – caring for people and the environment.

The Taniwha Group

AGES 3-5 Years

The Taniwha group provides a stimulating learning programme for our 3-5 year olds, and supports children to develop the skills and dispositions they will need for future learning, with a focus on growing independence and co-operative skills.

Tamariki are encouraged to develop skills and competencies that they will need for primary school. These include being able to make and maintain friendships, being able to look after themselves and their belongings, being eager and willing to learn and challenge themselves, and being able to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Teachers encourage children to explore their interests and then support the children to develop further understanding. There are numerous daily opportunities for children to develop and extend their pre-primary literacy and numeracy skills and understandings, which are woven throughout the programme.

The Kea Group

AGES 4-5 Years

This is an extension group for 4 year old children aimed at assisting a smooth transition to primary school.  Kea group activities focus on promoting numeracy, literacy and social skills. Children also learn valuable life skills such as choosing, shopping for, and preparing their own lunch every Friday.

The children become familiar with the school environment through regular visits to the local primary school. Parents and whānau are encouraged to be involved in this process and it is a great way for children to become comfortable with their transition and look forward to the next stage in their learning journey.