At Twizel Early Learning Centre, we provide an environment where children feel safe and nurtured, where relationships with kaiako, whānau and our community provide a strong foundation for their learning.

We provide a home away from home, inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, where tamariki are encouraged to learn through exploration and discovery, which excites their natural curiosity and wonder.

Tamariki are empowered to become directors of their own learning, to build resilience and independence, and become confident communicators, which is reflected in our play-based curriculum and open-ended environment and resources.

We are committed to honouring Te Tiriti ō Waitangi through our daily programme, rituals and learning environment, using Te Whāriki to weave an individual learning pathway for each child.

We celebrate the rich diversity of our tamariki, and embrace the many different cultures our whānau bring to our learning community.

At TELC we believe each child will develop a strong sense of belonging and the confidence to explore the world around them. We foster the development of skills and a love for learning that will continue with tamariki throughout their lives.